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It's not just the alias thing

Posted 5/17/2012 at 5:34:21 PM

He definitley should get AT LEAST the 30 day suspension for the alias thing. Especially since it was obviously an ongoing thing, not a one time thing, as evidenced by the searches pulling up all those previous threads.

But the review thing is another issue. Since he wrote fake reviews, then all his reviews should be suspect. We don't have concrete proof that he wrote fake reviews, but if several ladies (not just one) are saying it, I would take their word over his. Also he pretty much admitted it himself by asking all those questions to veejules, like he had no clue who she was,  after he reviewed her last year.

Iimpeachment of the reviews should be due to review fraud, not due to posting in the same thread with his alias and his handle. That also may warrant a lifetime ban, not just 30 days. I know people have been banned for less than that.

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