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same as civie dating. some good and some bad...

Posted 5/8/2012 at 9:21:26 PM

so putting her job as provider out of the picture....everything was the normal BF/GF experience.  hung out and  fought over stupid shit like not going to her friends for dinner etc.  

but eventually her being a prostitute screwed it up.

look im not some geezer who has no options, who would gladly accept having a prostitute as a GF.  i mean shit what options does the geezer has.  hes old and fat etc..so having a hot chick fuck them and hang with them is worth the baggage of having a prostitute girlfriend.  so most of the kgirl providers i met did have old geezers as boyfriends.  

but im not a geezer.  so the constant thought of my GF screwing around drove me insane.  so we fight.  and we break up.  

so my advice.  if your young and not some sex pervert/voyeur who likes having his GF fuck around then forget dating a provider.   not worth it.  but if you are a pervert or geezer then go ahead and date and marry them.   which is another baggage.  most are illegal so eventually they want to marry you or expect it.  so you need to ask yourself can you do it?  which is another thing i don't understand about these kgirls dating a geezer...how they hell are you going to get yourself a citizenship?  i mean shit what immgration official is going to believe some geezer fatso is married legitimately to a hot young kgirl who speaks shitty english???? hello!!

and theres no secret of dating a kgirl.  same as real world.  if you hit it off you hit off.  ive been rejected plenty of times by a kgirl provider who i later find out has some geezer as a boyfriend.  and then another kgirl provider, who can hook up with anyone, asks me out.  


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