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Come the fuck on already, jesus

Posted 4/25/2012 at 2:55:38 PM

Really guys?


Its a fucking joke.

You know this, i know this....so lets  put the  shit on the table here- what's the real issue? The joke itself, or the fact that the dudes on this board have turned into fuckin lynch mob....and for what?

For a chick who gave a lot to this board to keep it a positive place where people want to be, to have to listen to a bunch of cockstrong lame bullies is a damn shame. Maybe you should start taking notes, as should the people invested in this board period, because all you've brought to this board is some serious heat and an uncertain future. Meanwhile, ur indies have jumped ship and are sittin back watchin this shit go down from the bleachers, and quite frankly, u guys r fuckin up.

Who the fuck are you gettin self righteous and indignant with? You don't know the meaning of moral obligation, and its clear to see within the 1st 2 pages of this site....check your fucking self.  Cuz as you can see in the article linked below, its pretty fuckin clear to everyone else. STFU.      


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