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Stress sometimes , duress rare but then ts a moral obligation

Posted 4/22/2012 at 7:48:50 PM

I doubt whether many providers, irrespective of what they say, enjoy the work they do and that is understandable.However, given the circumstances they might be in or their love for the money they generate they have many alternatives that enables them to make the same income.They have no option but to get on with it ,just like most people who work for a living do no matter how they feel about their job.

With regard to the K-dolls ,most accept their first appointment at 11:00 AM and take the last one at 11:00 PM which is 13 hours a day having to deal with all kind of clients the good,bad ,ugly and the predator plus time getting ready and cleaning up and preparing for the next day which more than likely means that they cannot hit the sack till after 2:00 AM  at the earliest .Try that 22 or 23 days a month . Yes ,the K-dolls do get exhausted ,stressed out , burned out and even have breakdowns and go home early.But the majorities are just happy to be in a position to have the opportunity to earn money.

With both native born and foreign provider I am sure some are forced in the business by loan sharks who are owed money and usury charges but the most of the K-girls are here without coercion or pressure from others.They get tired , play hurt and hate the work they do but they can quit and walk out on their agency on a whim. They work or stay away from work as they please .Have a survey on appointment cancellations. I can name many girls who say they are tire especially towards the end of the day- but the point is they do not have to work. I would call the booker or , if I know them , the owners share what I know.

If I was to come across providers or any labour in what appears to be forced captivity , I would report it in he knowledge that victims who be rescued, given sanctuary and  care and the opportunity to remain legally in this country.


Posted By: LE_phobic
We sometimes come across reviews that indicated that the provider clearly hated her work and made it known loud and clear. I wonder if that is a coded SOS signal? In such case would you report her? Does anyone have experience, reporting in anonymity?  


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