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Hi, Saint, have followed boxing since the 50's and 

Posted 5/11/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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go to Vegas once a year-and have seen some championship scraps-they are 'happenings' as you noted-Funny you should mention Ruben Olivares-I was a huge fan of his-he made the Hall of Fame in 1991-He was undefeated his first 50 something fights in a row and had almost a 100% knockout ratio-Ruben took to the night life and his training suffered because of this and he lost quite of his latter fights due to lack of preparation and having to make weight. He was a great one-
I'll be watching Manny-Mayweather on PPV and believe it will be a 100 buck payout-attending in person might require a 2nd mortgage-smile-As you know, Floyd goes to jail next month and I'd expect negotiations to get going while he's incarcerated-we'll see  later, Buddy

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