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Oh crap...lol. Threads like this are pointless

Posted 3/26/2012 at 1:22:03 PM

as we have all seen, so it is no use. When you see the same bs complaints about why more girls don't visit an area or come back, it's obvious why. It's not like anyone is asking guys to see them, but simply DON'T FREAKING BOOK if you know you are full of shit! How hard is that?

It's no secret guys book to get a damn deal then cancel to see a cheaper provider...that's their right, but don't feel the need to lie to a hooker because we don't much care. We will simply never book with you again if you can't have a bit more common courtesy. If you damn well know you can get called out of town for your job, try mentioning that or don't book with a lady who only has 2 days to work! That's simply common sense!

I don't exactly book a back up plan to make up for every jack wad that cancels on me, but maybe I should start doing such like many other ladies. Then I could just get a headache, a stomach flu, or get "called out of town on business" when a more lucrative gent contacts me?

What I will say to you lungman, is stop trying so hard for people who don't even deserve it...some of them anyway. They bitch and moan all day long about no quality girls, but there is a reason for that. Boston and Chicago certainly don't have that problem, nor do hick towns like freaking Shreveport La. lol. Why? Girls follow through when they plan a visit because the guys actually keep their appts. What a novel idea!

Love ya sweetie, and thanks for trying to get new talent in your area. There are actually plenty of reliable guys around whom I plan to have great fun with, and all from TER. So, you did a good job ha ha.


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