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Yup, they are real.

Posted 1/5/2012 at 11:48:07 PM

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Look at the post below of Winter, her TER ID # is listed in my OP thread. These girls are definitely real. The phone number listed in Winter is from an agency, and they work from a warehouse in a not so affluent part of Baltimore. However, inside, it is neat, nice, and accommodating.

Winter saw my post, and she PM me through TER. We exchanged several PM's, then she e-mailed me on my other non TER account. She informed me of these girls, and that she will soon advertise these girls tonight. Winter is their manager, and they offer incall in another warehouse in Baltimore, again, its a not affluent area, but it is neat, nice, and accommodating inside.

I am planning to seeing these girls tonight, and will update this thread. Hopefully, if they are good, I'll post a mini on them. Also, I was gonna post a new thread to update my previous thread about Winter, but, you beat me to the chase.

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