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It can be hit or miss!

Posted 12/6/2011 at 10:32:34 PM

I know you're venting, but I can assure you Maryland has quite a few gentlemen...operative word being gentle hahahaha. Albeit its a matter of weeding through the less than savory. But honestly, that applies to every single state in this country. No, just everywhere period. As far as the hotels are you reading the travelers reviews before booking? Sometimes it helps me narrow down a few good spots. If you need any recommendations feel free to message me! I will be more then happy to help.

It would also help if you give us a general idea of the cities in MD that are letting you down hotel wise. Again, as far as the gents go don't throw the baby out with the bath water love. I'm sure their are plenty of great guys in MD chomping at the bit to reach you...they just aren't aware of you yet.

I hope this helps. If I can be of further assistance, again, please message me.

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