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re: Agency going Indy ?

Posted 5/30/2012 at 9:41:31 PM

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I agree that the client base is technically the agency's, but most clients make their connection with the provider.  Take a client who has seen you before and would still to see you in future.   Once he learns you have become indy, in all likelihood, any loyalty to the agency would be dwarfed by the desire to see you.   The agency wouldn't have made that impression on the client without your personal interaction with him.  And, I for one, would greatly prefer seeing an indy than an agency girl.  

As far as incall vs outcall, I have only had positive experiences with incall, but only in upscale hotels.   Never someone's residence. One hears of far too many risks for the provider in your residence.   If I had known about TER reviews earlier, I would have been able to eliminate my rip-off experiences with outcalls.  And incalls for a married client shouldn't make a difference as long as one remains discreet and stays out of his own neighborhood.   This should not pose a problem in the Metro area.

One caution:  I know of one agency locally that will remove your listing from TER when you leave their employment.   In that case, when you start as an Indy Girl, it appears that you have to build up from scratch.   Not fair, but that's what i've seen happen repetitively.

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