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I am newbie friendly as long as the Gentleman can provide me with information I require
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We all have to start somewhere!  Oh, and I visit DC/baltimore area often these days :)


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Pardon yet another newbie question, but I am 45 yo gentleman in the DC/Balt area and have been looking for newbie friendly providers that are well reviewed.  I have started the verification process through Date Check and do not have a problem providing screening info if the provider is one that can be vouched for (e.g. well reviewed).  Have not had a lot of luck with as many of the well established ladies in the area that are independent want references.   Have not yet tried to go with an agency.

Any recommendations on either an independent newbie friendly provider in the area or whether I should stick to ladies associated with agencies at first?

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Life as a newbie is tough. I would try p411, as there are a lot of ladies there that are newbie friendly. You just have to do the research. Stick to well known providers or agencies at first.
That way, you make sure that your experience matches your spending
Good luck!

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Date Check is a good start.  I recommend you start with one of the local, reputable ladies in this area.  If you act as a gentlemen she will refer you to her friends.  Once you have two or three references you are good to go to see others.

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Thanks for the tips- they are appreciated.

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Wanting info on how. Get verified and if I could be his reference ...  I finally gave in and said that I would gladly be his reference if he gave me $500 cash.  I guess he hasn't checked his nbox since then, still no reply!  Darn, should I have sad $499?

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you're so mean! lol

We all have to start somewhere!  Oh, and I visit DC/baltimore area often these days :)


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Hey I used to be a newbie who couldn't get an appointment because I didn't have a referral several weeks ago. My experience was extra tough because I was looking for grks (why would I hobby for vanilla when there's plenty of games in town?) Now I have several refs under my belt (hehe) and has several date-check verifications.

You would have the most luck with starting-out indies. Look for ones without too many reviews around CCC mark. PM me and I can refer to some that does light-screening. You do have to give up your work info tho.

I advise you to get a date-check account and have a provider verify you. It has life-time membership so you can take care of it once and for all and end cc trail!

Good luck and once you get two or more date-check verification, most providers should find it sufficient.

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