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He's been here for over a year you say? Well, I would have higher expectations towards his threads.

Posted 5/25/2012 at 9:26:48 AM

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If he's been here for over a year, he should have familiarized himself with these threads. You can't just put up a single two word incomplete sentence, and expect someone to make inferences on what he is trying to say. He didn't even use a complete sentence. I don't know what he is asking, do you? I have every right to criticize him.

If he's been here for over a year, and someone didn't criticize him yet, and he's gotten to this point. Well, someone didn't do their job. I'm not the crazy person here.

Let me ask you a question. Do you want these boards to be informative and efficient? If we don't inform these guys, they'll continue to do it. If he was my employee, I'd fire his ass for his derelictions a long time ago. I mean, he's been here for over a year, at least put some effort into it. Do you know what his thread is asking you? Neither do I.

In grade school, they teach you to use complete sentences. Use them! If he has a special condition, then, well, excuse me then. Sometimes you gotta be tough on these guys.

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