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Scam Watch-Hope becomes Faye, Faye becomes Fae

Posted 5/22/2012 at 4:55:50 AM

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To elude us capturing the truth, the scammers keep switching names and changing contact information.  Such is the case of Hope/Faye/ and now changed to Fae (TER ID 199448). You will find Fae advertised on Eros-dc.com/files/167777. Other scammers you may or may not be aware of can be found below.

Veronika supposedly has incall as well as outcall--eros-dc.com/files/119832.htm




These scammers have ripped-off countless people, not just us folks starting out, but many-many who have passed through our area. This can't be good for the reputation of our area when viewed through the larger perspective of escorting in America. Other people have told me watch out for DC. In other cities like Philly or NYC this bullshit wouldn't happen for long. Happily so, we live in a very civilized locale, but we must remain vigilant to thwart these scammers.

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