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Re: We are indeed legit!

Posted 4/28/2012 at 8:43:12 AM

I have no ulterior motive. In fact, I don't know anyone here personally - escort or hobbyist.  I have nothing to gain from this hobby (well, except for some fun times :D).  I have nothing against you or any other agency owners.

I am just trying to raise some potential problems that could arise down the road. Most people in DC have some type of government involvement. If any escort exposes them their careers would be damaged, not to mention ruining their family lives. I understand how you guys need to keep your escorts and yourselves safe. However, the media is really trying hard to go after government employees right now, and many in DC are taking and need to take caution.
Again, don't forget. ~30 to 50% of your future customers will have some type of gov involvement, whether they are permanent workers or contractors.

I think verifying someone by TER, P411 or Date-check sounds reasonable. Asking people for their work addresses, phone numbers, and emails, not to mention the last four of  social security... well, that is just too  much, especially in DC.

Yes, one's name and work info being in the agency list alone does NOT prove that anyone did anything wrong.  Still, these days, the media tends to stir some pot and tries to make a mountain out of a mole.

All in all, if you want to attract somewhat upscale customers that would dish out $300 to $400 a month and become regulars, you have to make them feel safe and secure about their reputations and images...
Trying to extract too much personal info are going to only scare them away...
However, I am glad you are giving people options to get verified in numerous ways.
Bad customers that steal should be weeded out and their personal info posted all over the net.

If your agency seems reliable, I would definitely try it out. I will try to go through p411 or date-check to get to you.

Another advice: please try to take cash!  Credit card transactions could leave money trails that could bite both you AND  your customers in the a$$ down the road.
Also, remember - DOCUMENTED and RECORDED evidences, along with eyewitness testimonies are ALWAYS needed in the court. The less you have of them avaliable, the harder it will be for LE to make a case


Posted By: DCCompanions
The safety of our companions is our #1 Priority specially in the DC area! Can you blame us? We will NOT compromise their safety for anyone or any amount of money! If you have dealt with agencies that do not ask for your name or to verify who you are most likely they are now in jail, out of business or will be in the near future. We offer 7 different ways to be verified with our agency including P411 & Date-Check, more ways  than any other upscale agency operating in the US today. Most of our clients are TER members and because we are professionals in this business and not careless in allowing just anyone to use our service we have found this to be an asset and appreciated by our clients. The only information we keep from our clients is their first name and their phone # so that when they call us in the future we know that they have used us before and are safe for our companions. Most agencies and independent providers keep much more information than we do. If they tell you they don't they are lying to you.

Those that use our service will be more than be satisfied with the quality of our companions, the high level of the service they provide and the overall professionalism of our agency.

Sounds like there might be an ulterior motive to your open negativity towards our agency?


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