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Don't let her intimidate you with her threats.

Posted 4/17/2012 at 10:11:52 PM

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A few questions first. She uses TER to screen. But, you said she can't affect your personal and work life. However, you also said that she'll post our personal information. What kind of personal information does she have? Does she have your real name, and other information? Also, where would she post your information? If she posted here, I'll leave skid marks all over that ass. We don't play that shit around here :)

Your obvious concerns is that she may post your information. However, it would help if we knew which site she will post it on. For example, is it NBL?

Life in general, don't ever let anyone intimidate you for doing something that are entitled to do. That is obstruction to your liberty. If you let this one slide, then a habit of acceptance will occur. Then, if will be programed into your character. Then, next thing you'll know, everyone is calling you a bitch.

Don't let that women intimate you. Stand up for your right as a consumer, and a person in general. If you take the initial step, as with others that have written reviews about her. Then, she might change her tactics of persuasion. I'd doubt she has returning clients if that is the kind of drama she puts off.

Anyhow Fog. If I was you, I'd write that review of her, I'll even post a thread about her, I'll let all of my TER buddies know about her, and warn that provider in the RO board. I might even take it a bit further and invest a bit of money for my own advertisement about her. I don't play that shit. That's what I would do. I have given you my opinion, and I hope you make the right decision.

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