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was trying to find out what sort of drugs.. should get some for my local hobby activities ;-)
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I know what I will be doing for summer vacation .. walking the country roads in Zimbabwe  :-)

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contacting an airline? Just a crazy idea I know!

This is an escort message board for hookers and johns.

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There are plenty of websites that will display the different rates of different airlines. There, you can see competitive rates. You can even save rates while planning ahead :)

When you gonna write that first review my brother? What ever did happen to Let'sMakeADeal? Make us feel more comfortable talking to you. Help the community out :)

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for round trip, but well worth it. I want to get ambushed by these women and be repeatedly rape. They even use sex drugs to make the guy perform.

Okay good, since your going the summer, I'm gonna start booking an airplane ticket there. PM me and we can start exchanging info :)

                                                                                                ;)               ;)

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Zimbabwe Air having a sale $39.99 each way if you make it there

and a gallon of mosquito repellant!

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I know what I will be doing for summer vacation .. walking the country roads in Zimbabwe  :-)

if you've had a vasectomy and you're shooting blanks are you still collectible? i need to get that settled before i buy a ticket.......

seriously though: the AIDS rate is rather high in Zimbabwe......

When I visited I was pretty young and didn't realized all the prostitutes in the lobby, yet my co-worker later told me they were all over!   I do remember eating at the best restaurant in town for about $10 USD.  I would visit again, despite all my adventures!

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