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Ménage a Tois – When 2 is Not Enough

Posted 5/13/2012 at 9:15:54 PM

Do you have a gnawing urge that something is lacking in your relationship? Maybe you fantasize about watching your girlfriend with another woman.

Maybe she wants you to watch her and then join in the fun. Perhaps you need to expand your horizon a bit and rev things up between you and your lady. City Girls believes that intimacy begins in the mind and isn’t limited to just two people.

~~Bedroom therapy can actually strengthen a relationship~~
Sexual communication between couples should be a very real part of every relationship. In an optimal situation, openness toward one another’s needs is as familiar as talking about what you are going to have for dinner. But not every relationship is optimal. Unfortunately, talking about each other’s erotic and personal needs can be a delicate matter and risk ending in disagreement, misunderstood feelings or worse, an argument. Often, the man will not want to risk offsetting this tender balance with his woman and forego the taboo topic of sexuality all together. But, there’s light at the end of the tunnel! You see, in today’s progressive world of heightened communication, introducing a third party to your relationship can actually be therapeutic, if done properly. But where on this blessed earth can you find such an ideal environment? City Girls has the answer. Go ahead. Read on!

~~Let a City Girls’ club member coach you on intimacy communication~~
Let’s talk balance. You and your girl recognize a tingling desire to take your love life to another level. You’ve explored the obvious and gone scouting at bars. It was fun and exciting until one woman came on to you and ignored her, triggering jealousy with which she had to wrestle, throwing off the entire evening. Or, another woman recognized how hot your lady is and came on to her leaving you isolated in the dust. Right off the bat, the two of you can’t even enjoy the sensual dynamic at play because the situation is skewed with contradictory emotions that smolder the moment. You both go home, at least one of you disappointed. In a controlled environment, things would have played out in a more fruitful manner.

City Girls’ club members have a fundamental understanding and specialize in awareness of the tender intricacies that exist between a man and a woman. They will approach your situation neutral, with no hidden agenda (like what you experienced with those other ladies in the bar) and know how to handle all of the subliminal nuances that even you might not recognize. Incorporating a City Girls’ club member into your evening might not feel like sensual coaching but that’s the whole idea!

~~Let your girlfriend have the fun first~~
We all know that men and women think differently. Whether the idea to introduce a third person into the situation was yours or hers doesn’t matter. Be a good boy, suck it up and let her bask in the attention while you watch. Not only will you get ridiculously turned on but you will reap the rewards and become King in her eyes by letting her take the lead. With a City Girls’ club member, you’ll get the balance you’ve been seeking which can make for an explosive encore.

~~Enjoy the sweet nectar that results from nurturing your intimacy~~
When you and your lady connect with a City Girls’ club member, things can get as sublime or spicy as you like. All of the City Girls’ club members really look like their photos in person. Whether you personally select a match or do it together with your lady, have fun with it! Your City Girls’ club member is going to be your girlfriend for the evening. When it’s all said and done, you and your lady will feel rich with satisfaction and closer than ever. Who knows? You both might even decide to do it all over again!

Written by City Girls’ Membership Coordinator, Chloe

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