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Re: Despite all the kudo's, not sure what the point of your post is,,,

Posted 6/12/2012 at 7:17:13 AM

I take it you also missed the point that I am not interested in drama.

Are you asking me to clarify my point, are you saying my post was worthless, are you just wanting to add your thoughts on the subject, or are you simply trying to start some shit?  

At no point did I suggest providers should lower their rates.  At no point did I "bitch" about ladies who may have chosen or choose to raise their rates (in fact, I believe I said mutliple times that ladies should choose their rates based on what they felt their time was worth and the type of clients they wished to attract.)  

Rather than continue to repeat an alread lengthy post, I will merely suggest that if so many others got the point then perhaps you should reread the post again as you apparently did not.     If, after doing that - you wish to ask for clarification, and can do so in non-confrontational manner - then I will do my best to help clarify.

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