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It's Funny....

Posted 6/9/2012 at 10:38:51 PM

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I was a smoker most of my life until I quit a few years ago. I feel so much better now and hope I never start back. I still every now and then enjoy the smell of second hand smoke but not on somebody. Now that I don't smoke I understand how bad I smelt when I did. I'm like Johnny.....I won't not see a girl because she smokes but  prefer non smokers. What's really funny is my regular that I see all the time does not smoke and I'm always her last appointment of the day because of my hectic schedule. She is fairly low volume and see's at the most 3 a day and it seems that at least one of them was a smoker and the smell lingers in her hair from where they either touched her hair or ran their fingers through it. We are good friends so I always joke her about seeing a smoker that day....LOL... She showers in between but does not wash her hair every time so the faint smell just lingers.....It's not offensive but you know it's there.....

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