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Re: Camille Greene and Erika Gomez eom
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Erika sure has one, spectacular bottom. I agree!

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Who has the sexiest?

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Without a doubt!!

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Forgot to post an excellent example:

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She's technically not New York-based any more but she still tours here.  Her ass is so perfect, ass-tronomers use it to calibrate their instruments.

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You could bounce a roll of quarters off of that ass, he he he, and a pair of balls.

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is 160661
Go to the reviews section, put that # in the search function and you'll find all her reviews and links to ads, web site, etc.

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With a delicious body like yours Serena, jealous is the last thing you need to be.

Without a doubt one of the best asses and overall body.  Remember, this is not some twenty something lady.  She is mature, rock hard, a total freak and you better eat your Wheaties or bring a set of Viagra, one will not do!

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carmen get one the hottes ass in new york

... I can't help it. I love a man in a nice suit and I always love the reveal when the suit comes off to see what kind of body lies beneath. The body and ass might not always be so perfect but that's what's so fun about this business  --- getting to see, explore and appreciate different body types!  

You just made me very hungry for a suit!!!!

xo L

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....but by God I'd like to. There may be other asses as fine, but if this pic is to be believed, there is none finer.

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Who has the sexiest?

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Sindeenyc will give em all a run!

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......quite delightful. Thank you for sharing.

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Who has the sexiest?

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Erika sure has one, spectacular bottom. I agree!

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Who has the sexiest?
I think Sindeee has an AMAZING arse!!!!

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NYC based:
Anka Madan
Svetlana Parker
Paige (from Candy's)

Touring ladies:
Erika Gomez

without adding mine!

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