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It's a pain in the ass that's why! If more guys took the hint that texting

Posted 6/2/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

ONLY for the location and room number was ok, it would not be a big deal but that's not the case. Providers have LIVES outside of this and not all of them keep their phones up their azz like I do. You get enough stalker texts, and you might understand why so many have this rule. BTW, it's a lot easier for some random person to read her phone than an email where they need her password to access it.

How many scatterbrain hookers have you heard about who leave their phones all over the place...guess what, your info is now in the hands of someone else. Even if it is a throw away phone, I would assume your real name is not in your email either so what's the difference? I don't even know 10 escorts who still have a phone number even listed on the net, so there must be a reason.

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