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Re: The internet is our disgrace.

Posted 6/11/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

When I  saw my first girl, I picked up an ACTION newspaper or a Village Voice, yes, the same people who run BP, they've been promoting prostitution for a couple of decades now, they are up for the fight against being shut down, they've been fighting it successfully for years. I looked at the ads, called up, was asked what time, and given a location of a payphone to call from and once I did was given the remainder of the address. Once I was a regular I had a code that I would say when I called.

Id be escorted to a room and a line of 5 to 10 girls would come in and introduce themselves. I picked. The madame  collected the fee, the girl came back in, told me to get comfortable as the day I was born and then had me shower. FYI, the shower is only partially about good hygiene, its so they can check our clothes for recording devices. Now they have you shower to cut down on time and don't have a clue as to why this practice first started.  If you had a cell phone or briefcase on you it had to be left at the front door  that way anything that could record would be no where in ear shot of what was happening.  There was no discussion of anything. No entrapment because there was no hustling. And rubbers always went on.

Once you found a good house you mostly stayed with it because there would always be new girls available and lets face it, the opportunity for cash and dash was minimal or unheard of because these were establishments that were established. They weren't roving houses like now with the use of hotels.

If a girl was caught hustling or offering more the house mother took care of that shit, the clients didn't have to. Girls were fired and blacklisted by the madams to other madams. I once had to talk to the woman in charge about a girl smelling like crap and I was given a on the house with the houses best and the smelly broad changed her ways fast and I never had to be exposed to her again and I didn't have to worry about her ass stalking me down or listing my shit on the internet.

Stalking and blackmailing issues were non-existent because we never gave them our info. They treated us right, 1) because they wanted us to repeat, 2) we knew where the f they were. They knew if they pulled anything they were the vulnerable ones not us. And girls didn't have to worry about being ripped off because the fee was already paid in advance and there was none of this bs of whiny mongers complaining she counted in front of him and the madames never let you see the same girl to often so that none of this romantic bs that clogs the arteries of this board and reviews and whiteknighting happened. Ive seen too many broads that leave because mongers take this shit too far. One girl I know now, who is a top lister, barely stays in Manhattan and  almost exclusively tours because one monger cant get it through his thick ass skull that its a business to her and he won't stop stalking her ass with the love crap that doesn't belong here. And his ass should know better, hes been around the block for decades. But you girls allowed it and thats why its here now.  

With the internet came greed, exposure and the opportunity to cut your competition off at the knees quickly as well as track ability, records, and our own admission to guilt of participating.

Girls aren't the only one that need schooled. Mongers need it to. To much false health bs that is believed to be the truth because another monger or broad says what they want you to believe. See it all the time. Mongers telling girls everybody is doing it to pressure them for more and broads afraid that health truths will come out because it will scare bank away.

Bust didn't happen then like they do now. They mostly stayed on the well known drug houses and the owners of brothels paid off those they needed to and were left alone.

I was once in a house that got busted and they let me go because there was no emails or reviews that were my admission to guilt and they weren't in the room with me with the girl so they had no proof.

Out of curious nature I sat across the street and watched the cops let most of the girls go including the one I had seen, I caught up with her and asked her what happened, she told me they took her photo, looked through her wallet, saw the photos of her kids let her keep her money and let her go.

The new *web* girls as you put it do things that they don't even have a clue as to why they do them, and do more because we were able to capitalize on their ignorance and desire to be no 1 and most popular and make most bank,  and mongers do things that we know we shouldn't because no one tells us we cant and girls are terrified of our power in reviews.

Laughed my ass off about the greek furor, if I tried to fuck your ass back than my ass would have been tossed not the other way around. The truth is you girls had all the power but you happily handed it over to us out of greed. Lucky fucking us.

Lola you are a breath of fresh air and proof that some of you do have it all going on.

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