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Re: If you guys had any idea how many come in with active herpes outbreaks, warts

Posted 6/9/2012 at 2:55:41 PM

Not sure I buy the whole 10/10 deal.  In my previous post above both providers I have run into that offered this were not 10/10 providers.  Case number 2 was actually relatively new with few reviews.  They were good enough for me to schedule, but nothing outstanding.  That really freaked me out after it hit me what had just happened.  Now case number 1 is a well established provider with lots of reviews.  Her reviews are good, but not near 10/10.  She did imply that she requires such regulars to get tested first, but still.   So I don't think you can tell very easily.  I don't see numbers 1 or 2 any more.  I do prefer providers who are more safe.  That said, no one bother trying to PM me to ask names.  I don't go there.  Sorry.

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