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BS in BBFS. Yup, that stands for bullshit.

Posted 6/9/2012 at 12:32:55 AM

Who gives a f*ck about your unsafe practices? You could stick your penis in a raccoon as far as I am concerned. But please stop putting the stigma on well reviewed providers and also putting even more pressure on those naive wannabes who are stupid enough to believe that this is the way to becoming a Top provider. I am telling you, it is not!

Not too long ago men were afraid of kissing an escort, much less engaging in unprotected oral sex or rimming. Nowadays you all became so brainwashed and desensitized that nothing satisfies you. Sex is available everywhere and free porn is only one click away. You also started using terms as girl-next-door, girlfriend experience or porn star experience, putting even more pressure on escorts to fulfill your sick illusions. I'll give an example: cim and swallow.

Do whatever you might want to do. A true, safe, sane and healthy escort will treat you all like you just had unprotected sex (with your wife, gf, a prostitute, a one night stand, you name it) and she will always use a condom with you. The rest are all plain stupid and deranged and so are you for agreeing to it.

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