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How exactly did it just "end up" in BBFS?

Posted 6/8/2012 at 10:17:41 AM

I've been hobbying in NYC for a decade seeing ladies from all spectrums of the hobby, and without fail, the girls have always grabbed a condom when the time came.  While I am sure BBFS is available from many, I find it very hard to believe that the girls you saw randomly decided not to use a condom without you somehow bringing up the topic.  Did you, by any chance, ask them for BBFS?  No judgements here.  I am just trying to make sense of the situation.

As for your actual question, high ratings can mean a number of things.  You have to take all the information.  For example, if there is a girl who you think is genuinely unattractive, or moderate, and yet her ratings are all 10/10, then it's certainly possible the score is being tainted by something else.  Whether that's BBFS, or trading discounts for good reviews, or something else, who knows.  

I don't think you can assume very high ratings to mean something specific.

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