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NEVER give out real name...

Posted 6/7/2012 at 6:41:27 PM

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I respect your preference for screening, and if that works for you then fantastic!

I would NEVER give anyone more than my phone number, first name and a couple of references, if that's not good enough then I'll move on to someone else.

But this isn't bc I have anything to hide, it's for my own safety.  Just as you have your horror story, there are a dozen that I've heard from the hobbyists point of view.  

How do I know that you don't have a crazy boyfriend (or worse a crazy pimp) that will look up where I live, show up at my door, or at my work, etc? How do I know you don't have a drug problem and although you might have everything under control now, eventually get in over your head and start harassing those people that gave you their real names?

It's a shame we live in a crazy world, I wish it wasn't so, but giving out a real name in this hobby is asking for a problem...

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