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Shwing!!!!!!! eom

Posted 5/30/2012 at 1:46:35 PM

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Posted By: CarleeRose
Omg.. Over the holiday weekend, I went to a top secret fetish party.. it was beyond interesting.. I spanked countless amounts of men and women.. Its like the husband told there wives to come talk to me.. Just to butter me and and take me to the chambers down stairs... Oh wow it was HOTT.. Making out with hott chicks being tied sex swings and tourture walls.. I was a bit overwhelmed. But I through, with the help of the experienced!  :)
Oh, this one guy had this electro changed rake that he used to scratch my back, Instant turn on. From there I made out with a set of twins... Who then took.turns  spanking my nice as smooth ass.  

I swear.. Too much happened that night, to write..
I well def.. Go to another, Soon..

Fyi..i left with a super hott group of ladies.. And the night really heated up til the sun came up

Carlee of MariposaAtl


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