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Gutless Mad 333

Posted 5/31/2012 at 12:15:24 PM

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Gee Mad, if you had any guts you would have said what was on your mind in the first place. Now your claiming that you didn't want to start a rumor. You're like an old gossip monger, talking smack, and then playing innocent. Was it your review? Have you ever met Gina? Was it necessary to create a post after a review was already done? Is your concern that the post was removed? Could over 500 reviews be wrong?

The fact is that you were attempting to traffic in rumor and seek out comments beyond the review process without looking at all of her reviews proves that you were trying to start something. I suggest you do your homework before you crawl out of your hole again.

I have seen Gina a couple of times and can tell you she is a wonderful woman. She will take it to the edge if that's where you want to go, or not. She is very respectful of what you may want to do.

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