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He sounds like a man that doesn't cite The Waldorf in this type of discussion

Posted 5/31/2012 at 9:07:44 AM

It has to be one of the most disappointing hotels I've ever stayed in, luxury in price and name only.  Its dated appearance and dusty feel leaves a lot to be desired.  The Four Seasons is little better, but still not quite up to par for what it demands.  Both are living off their reputations mostly.  People with no real savvy reference these two all the time when they want to appear otherwise.  So you're either easily impressed or just throwing out the names of hotels you're guessing are top notch.  

It's all besides the point, though.  Sure getting "a great rate" online is a reality, but getting a quality room for sub $200 in NYC is rare on most dates (even on Orbitz or similar sites).  Therefore, traveling to NYC is expensive by comparison;  which makes your contention that you shouldn't believe providers when they say touring is expensive incredibly wrong.  Why is this so hard for you to understand?

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