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Introduction and question to the gentlemen here regarding incall location

Posted 5/28/2012 at 7:28:24 AM

Hello Everybody!

This is my very first post and I'm so happy and excited to be a new member of TER!! :)

I'm searching for a discreet incall location here in Midtown along with another provider. We found a place in a very convenient location but are concerned with the state of the building's entry. The apartment itself is bright, spacious, sunny and CLEAN. The landing is as well. There is absolutely nothing wrong at all with the apartment itself- better than any we've seen.

The issue is the entry to the building. There is currently scaffolding up- who knows how long that will be there? There are a few take out lunch places. The initial flight of stairs is not very pretty. Quite ugly in fact. Looking at the entrance from the street, well, it's quite low-brow to be frank. Once you are in and up on flight it's clean and fine.

Spending time with us does not come cheaply. We appreciate that you have to make a very conscious decision to be with us and to spend what we ask for. We believe that is deserving of an exceptional experience from start to finish. Would a less than nice building entry be a deterrent to you? Does the building mean anything to you provided that the location is super convenient and the apartment itself is well kept, beautiful and clean?  

Personally I'm torn. I love the location and the apartment itself. I like that it's in a busy are of this particular block. Less likely to notice any going ons. No doorman, and quite a few people going around do to lunch places and a nail salon. I feel that it is almost more discreet than a quiet well kept entrance. But at the same time my friend and I don't want the entrance to leave an unnecessary bad taste in anyone's mouth.

What are your thoughts?

Kiss me,



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