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TL's perspective... 

Posted 5/23/2012 at 11:02:09 PM

Do you prefer incalls or outcalls? Incalls
How do you prefered to be contacted? Emails and then a phone(s) upon verification
Given the opportunity would you write a review on a hobbyist that would be visible tp VIPs? Yes I probably would with the ones that really got me going as I love great sexual experiences!
If reviews had a a "Rebuttals" link would you use it? No I would not! I can already contact admin. They have always been very fast and responsive to me so no need to fix a problem that isnt broken.
If a client couldnt see you, but paid you to do a "skype session", would you be interested? No I would not! There is NOTHING like the real thing and lets get real it pays much better and feels so damned good! Why would I do that? lol!
Would you be interested in seeing ads from Hair stylist, Lingerie shops, Manicurist(Companies that cater to providers needs)? No. I get enough bullshit mail already and I have the same professionals that I have used for years that I love. Again, if it isnt broken why fix it?
Would you like the opportinity to be in control of "sevices offered" portion of the review section? You/we already are in control of the srevices offered. All you have to do is report a problem with your profile and thats it. Very simple.
Would you pay to post a (daily) ad on "TER"? No. I have more appoinments and fun that one woman can handle now! lol BUT I am a true whore at heart so it will definitely be worth the ride!! haha!!
Would you consider having lunch with a group of providers? YES I/WE (a lot of us ladies lol) Do get together and have a freakin blast! Maybe you should join us sometime? NO! This is a ladies event only..Sorry guys, this is why it is callled ladies day/night out.
Would you buy a "TER" t-shirt,hat mug,sunglasses,etc.? WTF? Are you serious? lol :)
Hugs and kisses

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