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Posted 5/22/2012 at 1:52:08 PM

I prefer to do 99% of my communication by email, and pre-bookings in advance always get a thumbs up for me. I'm a bit organization-obsessed so knowing plans ahead of time is great in my books - not that I don't enjoy more spontaneous dates too, but things in my calendar ahead of time are always nice to have. I too enjoy feeling like I know the gentleman a little beforehand, so it would depend what you mean by "flirting a little". A few, non-detailed emails ahead of time would probably put me more at ease in fact, and lets me know what kind of connection we'll have and lets us "click" a little. However, I would agree with previous ladies that sending a great deal of emails can start to turn things the other way and make a woman wary. Not to mention that there should always be some excitement of the unknown left, a little mystery and surprise is sexy!

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