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Kate Jacobs - UTR soon to be reviewed...

Posted 5/11/2012 at 1:32:16 PM

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I've seen her twice UTR and will be posting a review shortly. Former dancer; extremely passionate and sexually insatiable (multiorgasmic); also, quite firm in demeanor (non-sub) so you'll need to work with her desires (aka play the Boy Toy role) while pursuing your own, so eat your blue or yellow Wheaties beforehand. Utterly convincing GFE. Pricing mirrors that of her girlfriend Chloe Carter. Her website is in alpha so all the pix that will make your tongue wag are not yet posted but she's on par with the photo you included. Kate is currently out of the country until late June.

Highly recommended assuming comfort with her pricing schedule and aggressive sexual approach (seriously: she will ride you relentlessly and, well, selfishly until she gets hers).


Posted By: 43lsd
Any recommendations for a dark or red haired provider with pale alabaster skin?  Looking for a young and beautiful incall provider.  I've linked an example!

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