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Uh, no. Not really.

Posted 4/4/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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If this was generally true, then the Uniballer wouldn't have so many kids.

Riding a bicycle that does not fit you well will hurt you. Riding a bicycle that does not fit you well for long periods of time or distances will hurt you a lot. It's pretty much like what happens when you wear a pair of shoes that don't fit: your feet will hurt and potentially take serious damage. So while I love the look of women in stilettos, I won't make them *walk* much in them.

The contact points for a bicycle are your feet, your butt, and your hands. If your bike doesn't fit well, any or all of these contact points will take damage. Most people ride bikes that are inappropriate for their relatively poor levels of flexibility, so instead of sitting on their sit bones on the bike saddle, they sit on their crotches on the saddle. And yes, in these cases, bad things can happen, sometimes very bad things. If you're riding a bike that fits you, you'll be way better-off as a result, in bed and out of it.

I particularly love women with strong legs, especially when they're wrapped around my head or my waist.

And for those of you who are normal, healthy people who don't follow professional bicycle racing, the Uniballer is Lance Armstrong.

And how pathetic is it that the New York Board has this for discussion, or that I'm responding to post by SEXEGENERIAN.

BTW, small bit of TER trivia: in the old old days, user IDs were only in CAPS. It's the only thing I really have in common with the OP.

I really need to get laid...

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