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Re: Some other considerations

Posted 5/2/2012 at 6:20:33 PM

Atlanta is the Major Leagues, imho. The gents know their stuff. The ladies are TALENTED at their craft, look great, have EXCELLENT incall locations compared to other cities, imho (with the exception of a few) AND they are actually pretty damn awesome at branding, market analysis and marketing. Also, the ladies in Atlanta are a pretty tight knit bunch, I am thoroughly impressed on a dialy basis by the quality of Atlanta ladies. Even when some do not get along from time to time, they still maintain their professionalism, for the most part.

I have never seen a problem with NCNS in Atlanta on the part of the gents. But, as in any "Appointment based business", there is that 10%-20% cancel/reschedule rate. Perhaps some expect 100% of appointments to work out? It takes a bit more to cultivate the Atlanta market than other markets I have toured such as NYC, LA, DC, Orlando, Philly and San those cities, you roll in, make new friends, folks pay premium and are fine with it. Perhaps Atlanta hobbyists are a tight knit bunch as well??? That can be intimdating to someone new, I am sure.  There seems to be more backchannel, more research that goes into a decision. That seems to keep the ladies on their toes and their game sharp. If you can make it in Atlanta, other large cities are a cake walk!I have learned from touring... Atlanta ladies have a SUPERB REPUTATION in other cities! And I have realized, that reputation would not exist without the ATLANTA GENTS! And the fine Atlanat ladies!

Khori, I hope you don't leave! That would be a major loss for Atlanta! :(

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