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You're blaming rape victims for being raped?

Posted 5/2/2012 at 11:07:32 AM

You believe if a lady is drunk and gets raped, it's HER fault?

No, it is the rapist attacker who is to blame.

The women you reference were raped because of the criminal actions of another, not because they were drunk. (I have not read the news story, I'm commenting based on what you said, which is that they were raped while drunk)

Posted By: MSHSEX
You're right about so many men and women using alcohol as an excuse for the stupidity of their actions and behavior. It happens so often that it's hard to find sympathy towards those who have been seriously injured as a result (e.g. the recent revelations of Military Academy students (women) who were raped because they were drunk on their own accord and blitzed out of their minds).

Posted By: ga_kosh
I agree that perhaps "coerced" was not the best word, but how often do we hear "I was Soooooo Drunk" as an excuse by males and females alike?
Me? I learned my limits and try not to push them. I was also "a pass out, got A$$HOLE written on my face in permanent marker after my so-called friends shaved just one leg and hid my truck around the block" type of drunk.  
Young and Dumb, my friend, but back then it was more of the "Alcohol made me do it" denial BS.

Posted By: MSHSEX
There is nothing "coercive" about alcohol. It merely reduces one's ability to think clearly and reduces inhibitions to a certain extent. As for being "young and dumb", people reap what they sow.


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