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Here’s the problem – you’ve asked far too many questions 

Posted 5/6/2012 at 6:53:44 PM

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and your questions are far too broad and vague to expect meaningful answers from this board.

       Just to explain the difference between the “tax savings” of the different corporate vehicles you list would take a several page response. You didn’t even specify whether you are talking about income tax, payroll tax, self employment tax or corporate tax rates vs pass thru tax rates, tax on dividends etc. We don’t give that kind of detailed advice here.

       Civil liability? To Whom and for what? To employees, clients, vendors? Civil liability of the corporate vehicle or civil liability of the owner? Again, it would take a mini-treatise to cover all this beyond stating the basic proposition that as owner you would have no contract liability for the obligations of a properly set up corporate vehicle but you would still have tort liability to the extent you committed a tort.

     “Criminal liability from the perspective of which is easier to collapse the corporate bubble in theory.”
I have no idea what that means. LE is going to indict you, not the shell you incorporate. The state will eventually terminate your charter if it learns the vehicle is engaging in criminal activities; you can always dissolve these corporate vehicles easily by making the proper filings.

   I’d suggest you start over and ask one specific question with proper factual context if you want to get an intelligent answer.

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