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Question for CPA's and former prosecutors | Let's have a debate :)

Posted 5/4/2012 at 2:11:18 PM

I'm posting the questions an alias for privacy reasons I'm not worried about your answers in the open, that's my concern not the peanut gallery.

I've asked this question to my accountant and a lawyer however I'm interested in reading the  "meaningful, constructive, intelligent  " feedback of  debate.

I'm aware the establishment can directly go after the owners with criminal charges, "this is a given" so lets table that refrain. I"m interested in thoughts "SPECIFICALLY within the parameters" below.

For a hypothetical USA Escort Agency / Service which is the best way to go LLC, S Chapter,  C or IBC considering the following:

1) Tax savings  ( minimizing bending over to the IRS legally)
a) What about Privacy, the best state to incorporate and can I get  nominal directors?

a) Known issues  pros / cons with a particular corporate vehicle

2) Civil liability

a) Criminal liability from the perspective of which is easier to collapse the corporate bubble in theory. I'm aware there are a million things that can go wrong I'm talking structure and owner protection strictly from the corporate side

3) With banks requiring personal information even for corporate accounts, is there any point to having an offshore corporation / IBC as an Agency anymore? You still have to give up your personal information as if you were opening a personal account.  Thoughts ?

4) If you were starting an Escort Agency what would be your preferred corporate vehicle
and why legal and financial ?

Thank you


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