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And in Tampa-Joe Redner -  Was he/is he "Connected"??

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When I go a strip club I always wonder if the owner is in the Mafia like in the Sopranos.

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Organized crime has always had it's hand in the adult business. Stop watching so much television to be honest. The history of the mafia dates back to the 1930's-1999. Those were local gangster's who had ties to larger outfits. Take for example the strip clubs in Tampa,Florida many of the owners had connections. Some strip clubs had liquor licenses that offered nude dancing. The ladies had to wear pasties on their nipples and they were required to have pubic hair. No touching was aloud and many of the dancer's from the 1970's-1991. Did not have to register with the courthouse for an adult license before being hired. Most "Old School" titty joint owner's had silent partner's as it was called. If you know the state's of Georgia and Florida many of the clubs owner's had ties to the families. Due in part to financing a large venue,graft "bribery" for local cops,judges,politicians to look the other way. Operating a night club was and still is very expensive it's just that many people who owned the top clubs. In their hey-day circa 1970's-1999 went to prison for money laundering,tax evasion,bribery,liquor license fraud,etc. Today's strip club owner's in Las Vegas may not be involved due to the high risk of being 'pinched' and sent to "club fed". Google the famous owner Micheal Peter from Orlando,Florida. He used to own the world famous "Doll House","The Booby Trap",etc. Also I recommend you read up on the "Gold Club" that was shut down by the FBI in Atlanta,Ga. The reco-act is serious business these days....

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And in Tampa-Joe Redner -  Was he/is he "Connected"??

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Was also shaking down other strip clubs...   so it's not over.

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As Carmen said stop watching all that tv.  I knew many owners and knew some people "who were not owners but were invested" and I can tell you this the man on the paperwork and the man in the spotlight as an owner is definitely not a "friend of ours" or made man.  To much notoriety and publicity, besides transferring a liquor license is almost as bad as applying for a new one now days.  There is a thorough investigation into financials and criminal/civil background.

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