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Not to be critical, but...

Posted 12/28/2011 at 2:34:13 PM

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I think common sense has to be flexed here, that is a classic backpage bait and switch when you consider the pathetically low donation request. Not to say you were necessarily fooled by it but if all the scams like that were posted as queries on here it would be like 50 posts a day. Unlike most though, that one actually has a TER profile, most of the ripoff ads on there never have reviews.

Again not to be critical, I go on there to browse because of the crappy selection here but I never expect much of anything legit and that is the mindset you have to have when you go on there. I still have not taken the backpage plunge and couldn't feel sorry for anyone who did so in response to an ad that is an obvious TGTBT, trust me, even in the current economy, you don't get that girl pictured for 100.

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