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MP you dont know the half! 

Posted 1/29/2012 at 1:39:34 PM

Mikey....You should see all the BULLLLLLLLLLL SHIT Bailey sent to this lady....threatening her family, her career, and anyone connected to her. INCLUDING THEIR MUTUAL CLIENT!! HELLOOOO A CLIENT? REALLY? NOW WATCH ALL HER WHITE KNIGHTS TAKE UP FOR HER..jic the white knights cannot help themselves...and they must defend her dumb ass......just remember WK'S she has your information.

Honestly at the beginning we all wrote this off as two hookers behaving badly. The lady was telling me on the phone what was going on and I was like this is Charlie Browns teacher...whaaaaaaaa whaa whaaa. The first emails Bailey sent were actually kinda funny....bc she is new and has no clue how dumb she made herself look. We wrote it off as her being an attention seeking board whore (which she is). A silly dumb ass bitch actually. I kept saying to myself damn this bitch watches wayyyyyyyy too much CSI.

Thennnn Bailey stooped to a low and inferred she would release information to the other providers child. Suddenly everyone took the BULLSHIT very seriously. How dare a grown ass woman threaten to tell a kid their mom "sucks and fucks for a living"....anddddddddddd those were her exact words.

Threaten me....fine we can meet and get it in like two female gladiators in the street. Threaten my hubby cool.....bc he can certainly hold his own. Threaten to out me, honestly I fucked on film several times I think we are all clear that I am a freak. Threaten an innocent child and we have a problem.

What happened with Bailey is she fell into the thinking that just because we are hookers, we are as dumb as she is, we are competitive to a fault like she is, and that no one would help the other lady. Bailey fucked with someone who knows a few hobbyist and providers who are intense geeks. Not only did we help her, we were glad to help her with this BULLSHIT. After the kiddie email it took no time to get to the bottom of this shit. We have known for months who was behind all this shit.

Bailey let this be a warning to your DELUSIONAL fucked up in the head self.....we may all be hookers/johns, providers/client, prostitutes/tricks or whatever...but for the most part we are all parents or have cared for a young person. Unlike YOU Bailey, we have earned our respect and reviews fair and square...we do not need to threaten to out anyone to make our living.  Unlike YOU Bailey, we have lives, friends, family, REAL DEGREES, AND REAL JOBS. We don't take too kindly to providers who out other providers, hobbyist....and who fuck with folks kids. YOU HAVE BEEN DOING WAYYYYYYYYY TOO MUCH FOR MONTHS.

You should probably go find yourself a civvie job, bc you are through babygirl DONE!  (WARNING TO ANY CLIENT TRYING TO SEE HER....SHE WAS ALLLLLLLL TOO HAPPY TO TOSS A CLIENT UNDER THE BUS TO GET TO THE LADY SHE STALKED I HAVE IT IN WRITING...HER WRITING.) Bailey darling, you earned this, you brought it on yourself! I am a hugeeeeeeeeee cry baby and a hugeeeeeeeeee advocate for providers all over the globe. I am all about fighting for sex worker rights, but sex workers don't have the right to make other peoples lives sheer hell. We don't have the right to blackmail folks. We don't have the right to go around fucking with peoples KIDS. We don't have the right to continuously harass other provider or our clients. This was a horrible horrible error in your judgement.

I have seen some really fucked up shit on TER.....but this is probably one of the worst stalker incidents I have EVER seen in my life.

I don't/won't hide anywhere behind a computer to say what I have to say and no these are not threats I am SERIOUS. You are not mentally stable enough to be a provider. You are a danger to our entire community. No one is safe around you.

123295....aka Allure


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