Las Vegas

Spartacus 6 Reviews 4214 reads
Jeremy3628 reads

Who has the best ass in Vegas?  My vote is L.J. Montana.

kim3550 reads

you know you'll get the brutal truth out of me....but may i make a suggestion?   LOL  shave it first ok?  LMFAO !!! -kim xoxoxoxxo

Spartacus2999 reads

Damn,I knew those pictures would wind up on the internet eventually.  LMAO

cheesewiz4085 reads

Is it buffed and polished? !LOL!

kim4364 reads

and she just out of no where says stuff like .. "damn i just looked in the mirror and i DO have a great ass" !! BWAHAHAHAHA  -kim xoxoxo--modified by kim at Wed, Mar 21, 2001, 17:55:50

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