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Posted 10/21/2011 at 11:59:31 AM

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Just find an experienced criminal attorney - beleive me, there is nothing they have not heard before, and what you tell them is confidential.  Just remember - you need to speak in terms of past activities - an attorney cannot give you prospective advice related to comiting a crime.  Also, if you are arrested and plan to lie about something - don't tell your attorney - they cannot represent you if you plan to lie and they know it (but can if they don't know its a lie).


Posted By: dumb-luck
I am looking for a defense attorney in metro Atlanta that is also a hobbyist or actively defends providers.  Not in trouble, just looking to get legit answers as to where the lines are drawn for a variety of activities.  What's legal, what isn't?  Looking for a standard consultation for which I will pay.  

If you are such an attorney or know of one, please message or email me in private.  Thanks!


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