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I referred a past client and friend to this site ...

Posted 10/14/2011 at 5:31:33 AM

He is a decent an honest person. He was put on a blacklist by a lady who fell in love with him. he had shown me the many text messages and emails she had sent him.  Also the letter she sent to his wife.  When her attempts how to break up his family failed, she blacklisted him .  Obviously, heno longer hobbies.  I told him to contact this individual and do his own due diligence before hiring him .

He has retained individual.  I do not know the results as they are confidential between the twi of them.  But, this was his last avenue for relief.  Is efforts to have his information removed were ignored.

Ladies need to remember the damage blacklisting can do for insignificant reasons or out of spite. This is just my opinion .

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