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Leaving aside that this guy couldn’t cover Priapus or a Duke wide receiver, what is the problem that

Posted 5/31/2012 at 6:11:59 PM

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you see with say a million dollar yearly income limit for athletic scholarships?

        Income limits are in place for a wide variety of benefits ranging from food stamps to Pell grants. All you need is P Diddy’s 1040 form and you could tell the son was not eligible.

         True, the money from football and basketball fund all those other sports, including ladies’ sports but that is beside the point. Title IX doesn’t require any of those minor programs – just that equal opportunities be offered between the sexes. And certainly if a penny of state taxpayer money is being used to pay the refs for college volleyball – whether male or female – that is where you cut when you have a $16 billion budget deficit.

       Look at the cuts Gov Brown is making. You are going to start feeling them in your daily life. I’m still predicting a crime wave by the way. And even Gov Brown wants to spend money on the High Speed Train to Nowhere.

Cutting out frivolous scholarships like this is just symbolic but you guys sure need some better symbols than giving a $54,000 scholarship to a guy who was worth more at 16 –when Dad gave him a $360,000 sports car- than probably half the posters on this Board.

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