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Re:You make good points, Nicole. I agree that if things get much worse in Iraq, other nations will

Posted 4/11/2004 at 9:50:33 AM

This may be a double post, but could not tell if my original post sent.

Yes, contrary to what the administration might like to do; we may have to pull the U.N. into the fray.

Brussels, France and several other countries have indicated that they will come to our aid if they can have a say in the rebuilding and process of assisting Iraq.
This from Senator Joe Bidden (D) who has spoken to a number of foreign leaders on the matter.

Regardless of partisanship, it should be evident that if things escalate or continue on the current path in a manner that precludes hand over on the date of the deadine (June 30th, correct?) we may have to take such action, IMO.

We may have to come full circle....

Meantime, Rumsfeld had tried to paint the insurgents as "common thugs." However, common thugs do not cooridinate efforts in the manner that these insurgents are. They surely dont take aim at our marines in spots that are not protected by kevlar vests, either! This is a band who is trained to some degree and who have no doubt been plotting this all along.

Not a quagmire we or any of the surrounding nations or any of our allies wish to see escalate into civil war.

We need to quell it and hand over the "keys to the kingdom" so to speak with an eye for keeping our hand in it in a balanced way by the 30th or before.


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