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Sure. Cutting spending causes recessions.

Posted 5/27/2012 at 10:18:11 AM

Bush was a big spender.

Bush caused the recession

Obama is a tightfisted conservative.

Obama is making the economy better.

I'm stupid.

Got it.


Posted By: willywonka4u
"Bush was a big spender"

What, are you really going to dispute this?

"Obama is a tight fisted conservative"

Obama is a conservative. Just look at his policies. He has cut back on gov't growth, that's more than obvious. He's also been fiscally irresponsible with tax cuts. I have no doubt that the GOP House has reduced what he would have spent.

"Bush cause the recession"

Bush didn't cause the recession, but he certainly contributed greatly to it, and he didn't do anything to prevent it.

"Obama is working us out of it"

Yes, he is, and he's doing a poor job of it.

"For all the books you claim to have read how is it that you are still fucking stupid?"

I dunno, but strangely I still have an easy time making you look stupid. ;)


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