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The NC vote aganist gay marriage forced him more then Biden ......

Posted 5/10/2012 at 10:54:21 PM


Posted By: PitchingWedge
Notbing -- and I mean absolutely nothing -- will take place on the stage at Charlotte this summer that was not approved and/or wanted by President Obama.

 Obama has had some pressure put on by a number of state party chairs, including California’s who  want to have a marriage-equality plank in the national platform.  I agree you are right Obama will probably have to approve what happens on stage .
The  NC vote and what Biden said along with the convention being held in Charlotte led to his announcement .Obama would have had a statement  about it before the convention but his hand was forced early by these factors IMO.

I was joking about Clooney but it is also a calculated political move that will shore Obama up even more huge bucks from Clooney's pals at that party tonight and all will be in a gay celebratory mood :D  

Also ,
Quote :
What is unclear is if the growing number of same-sex marriage backers in the Democratic establishment—including iconic figures like Obama for America co-chair Caroline Kennedy (who is claimed as a supporter by those pushing for the gay-marriage plank), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell—will be able to create the air of inevitability needed to force Obama’s hand and get marriage equality into the Democratic platform.

“Do I think they can get 15 percent of the platform committee to support the issuing of a minority report in favor of marriage equality? Absolutely,” said veteran Democratic consultant Tad Devine, who worked for President Jimmy Carter when Sen. Ted Kennedy challenged him from the left for their party's presidential nomination in 1980.

The Obama campaign, Devine said, “will have to decide, do we want a big public fight over this, or should we just let it happen and work on crafting language that we’re comfortable with?”


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