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You people are perpetual victims - CHANGE SUBJECT

Posted 5/10/2012 at 7:08:18 PM

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The premise you go from is "the weatlthy control everything."  
You are perpetual "POOR ME."

As applied to gay rights I can only say one thing. Fucking quit crying.  Speilberg, Clooney, Katzenbach, Geffin, Bing, Streisand, Cher, Oprah, Disney.  That is just the begining of big money.  If money controls, you are in the cat birds seat and crying in your beer.

And that is the start of the list. True, they are not all gay, but they all support gay rights.  In one night alone - TONIGHT - Obama raised 15,000,000 from Hollywood.

Homosexuals may be a minority, but they have incredibly rich friends.  If money controls everything, they have nothing to worry about.  THe money from Hollywood is just a start.  Other pro-gay marraige include 80% of Silicon Valley. BILLIONS.

And you cry that money controls.  (Like your crying about Kock when you have Soros.  Your billionaire is good..  How many standards can you have.?)

As for whether someone should have a say in another's marraige, that is changing the subject.  WE WERE NOT TALKING THE MERITS OF THE ISSUE, and for once I won't get distracted, except to say should society have a say in whether you marry your mother.  If the principle is that one person has no say in another's marraige, the answer is "no."

The comparison to Roe, is that it was jammed on the people not by the ballot, but by the courts.  Maki a joke about cock, but it was still forced on the public that wasn't ready for it.  The reasoning that I use isn't crazy Phil, but Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  It is the most pro abortion justice in the history of the court saying that it was a mistake to do it by judicial fiat because it created anger and resentment.  

HEY PEA BRAIN - I AM PRO-CHOICE. I am not talking the merits, but the fall back of the court imposing something like that.


Posted By: willywonka4u
Snow, There's a difference between a minority and what Madison referred to as a "minority of the opulent". The wealthy control everything in this country. The only possible check on them is that we still decide things by democratic vote. A keen observer might notice that this has been attacked more lately than concentrations of wealth and power.

Phil, I think you confused what I mean by "minority". Homosexuals will always be a minority. The legalization of gay marriage effects primary just this group of people.

Comparisons to Roe doesn't make sense to me, for that reason. Had we fought against desegregation and Civil Rights on a state by state basis, it would still exist.

I don't particularly care if some Evangelical thinks gay marriage is "shoved down their throats". It's not like they're being forced to suck a cock. There is no logical reason why someone should have any say in someone else's marriage. Imagine how ludicrous it would be for me to say that I get to decide that Snow isn't allowed to marry some gal, because it violates my personal religious beliefs that are based on a book dating back to 4,000 years ago. It's fucking absurd.

This country should work to create more liberty and equality for it's citizens. There is no reason why we should have 2nd class citizens in the 21st century. I don't care how gay marriage is legalized, it simply is the right thing to do.


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