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utter nonsense, Phil.

Posted 4/26/2012 at 8:47:49 PM

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Yes, there are many regulations on the books. In a country that's been around for 200 plus years, you're bound to get a few laws built up.

However, maybe you ought to ask a government regulator (aka Willy) if those regulations were enforced during the Bush administration.

The answer is effectively NO. Every agency that has the tinest thing to do with business were all given the same line. We aren't here to do shit. Our jobs during the Bush administration was to wait for some company to BREAK THE FUCKING LAW, call that company up, and tell them THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAW. HAVE A NICE DAY.

When the company broke the law again, the same process would happen all over again.

That's why the SEC had nothing better to do than look at porn while the economy collapsed from the biggest single white collar crime wave in world history. That's why Interior Dept. officials snorting coke and had orgies with oil lobbyists. It's why the GSA, whose job it is to make sure gov't isn't wasting money, saw their budget for Vegas parties skyrocket by over 100% every year.

And you don't think the Bush administration was laissez faire? Buddy, it was as close to laissez faire you could get without ripping the entire US Code to pieces. I know. I was fucking there.

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