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TOFTT can be a serious risk Astrid....

Posted 12/11/2012 at 10:39:58 PM

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....... First, welcome to the board, Astrid.  You will find that subject of many threads are requests for info on providers with no reviews.  It is the most frequent topic.  The reason is that it is serious.  Several individuals have gotten busted recently seeing women who had no reviews.  It is a huge risk (and FWIW, one I will not take).  Guys are always encouraged to do their research, google pixs and phone numbers but in the end the most reliable info is from other guys who may have seen the woman.  When she has reviews, we can look at the review as well as the cred of the reviewer.  Some guys will also PM reviewers for more specific information.  Seeing an provider with no reviews is a BIG risk, imho.  Sometimes it turns out OK, but sometimes not, that is why most of us take these requests for info seriously.

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